Mezzi Rigatoni semola di grano duro (Hartweizengrieß)


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Mezzi Rigatoni semola di grano duro (Hartweizengrieß)

Mezzi Rigatoni semola di grano duro (Hartweizengrieß)

The Difference is in the Details

From the beautiful hills of the Marche, Fuschi family creates with passion a strong bond between the wonderful land and you table with “Pasta Di Mauro”.

This pasta is a true art that hands down from generation to generation, born with the will to make pasta the same way it was made in the past. Our master Pasta maker’s experience scrupulously joins the ancient tradition to new modern tecniques, making our production unique.

After a careful selection of the best bran of hard wheat (of first exstraction) and eggs (fresh, vegetable, barn), it’s time of the production. After the slow workmanship of the dough and low tempertures extusion, the cut happens, detemined by the thickness of the puff pastry.

The pasta is manually spread onto sheets of food paper and arranged on the drying frame. The packing is preceded by the drying, which is the part that lets mantain all the quality of the first phases of the worknmaship. Infact it it is produced slowly and at low temperatures ( around 40′ C/ 104′ F) for around 24-35 hours. It is a physical job, as much as we find it enjoyable, so it can be a bit physically demanding.

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