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Cantine di Castignano is one of the three biggest wine cooperatives in Le Marche Region, boasting about 500 hectares of vineyards and the same number of members, for an average annual production of 450,000 bottles.

For over 50 years, the winery has been a reference point in the Piceno area, thanks to its wine making processes and olive growing. Indeed, maintaining good value for money is one of the core values of our company’s production.

An interesting feature of our firm is that we use the image of the Knights Templar on some of our wine labels. Templars were warrior monks and skilled farmers, who, on their way to Jerusalem during the XII century, stayed in the town of Castignano (AP) and succeeded in making a lasting impression on local tradition and its economy.

Cantine di CastignanoFounded in 1960, the company was formed to make wine from the grapes provided by the cooperative of farmers whose lands were situated in the region around Castignano. The quality of their product has been remarkable since the business began.

Indeed as recently as 1977, the company received a Gold Medal for their Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC during the 5th National Wine Competition "Douja Prix d'Or" of Asti.

Cantine di CastignanoIn 1996, with the adoption of technological innovations, the production experienced a boost, also thanks to the work of the winemaker Pierluigi Lorenzetti, a nationally recognized expert. Results could be seen almost immediately, with Gramelot 1998 vintage winning 2nd place at the National Competition “Vini da Pesce” (seafood wines) in Ancona in 2000.

In the same year the well-known Gambero Rosso magazine awarded Falerio Doc wine an Oscar in Rome, thanks to its quality giving value for money.

Our company - whose strongest assets are the 600 hectares of land in one of the best areas of Le Marche, technical management by the winemaker Lorenzetti and fair prices - has always followed the developments of this winemaking cooperative with great interest.

Rosé wine with a persistent vinous aroma, and herbaceous notes. Dry and pleasantly bitter, this all-around wine goes well with fish stew and soup. Color: coral pink; Nose: pomegranate and violet;...
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6,30 € [8,40 €/Liter]
Red wine with a unique balance between fragrance and depth of flavor. Its strong personality and signature taste embody the regional tradition. It goes well with grilled meat, salami and strong...
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6,64 € [8,85 €/Liter]
This wine comes from an ancient vine of our territory which, if conceived with diligence by moderating its productive exuberance, manages to bring out a refined drinkability and floreality that...
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7,48 € [9,97 €/Liter]
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Offida DOCG Pecorino Montemisio. It features complex aromas with hints of white and yellow fruit, a great aftertaste, a solid body with the right contrast between the heat it generates and the...
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7,98 € [10,64 €/Liter]
Straw yellow in color with golden hues. The nose is persistent and strong, with distinctive notes of sage, canned peaches, honey and white colored fruit. Thanks to residual sugars balancing the...
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8,32 € [9,97 €/Liter]
Trebbiano 40%, Pecorino 20%, Passerina 20%, Verdicchio 20%. Fine and elegant white wine. Intense, slightly dry, with strong notes of ripe fruit and almond flower.
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8,74 € [11,65 €/Liter]
Tight, robust red wine with a harmonious and persistent structure and soothing fruity notes. Color: ruby red; Nose: intense and persistent, with clear notes of red berries; Tasty: fleshy, intense...
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9,16 € [12,21 €/Liter]
Ein typisches Produkt aus den Marken, das man nur in einem bestimmten önologischen Gebiet findet. Der größte Teil dieses Gebietes, das vom Apennin zum Meer herunterführt, befindet sich im mittleren...
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10,00 € [20,00 €/Liter]
Greenish yellow in color with fine and persistent bubbles, floral and fruity aromas. Soft and fresh on the palate, with a pleasant final note of pear. Due to its elegant flavor, it is recommended...
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11,68 € [15,57 €/Liter]
Soil, specific exposure and an outstanding microclimate result in a wine with great personality. Grapes are treated separately with extended maceration and they are left to mature for 16 months in...
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15,04 € [20,05 €/Liter]
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