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Extra virgin olive oils obtained from a single specific olive tree cultivar. Each cultivar allows to produce a characteristic oil as regards smell, flavors, fatty acid and phenolic composition.

Un olio delicato, decisamente armonico. Ottenuto dalla spremitura di sole cultivar di olive autoctone delle terre picene: Piantone di Mogliano. Ha piacevoli note erbacee, con sentori di mandorla e...
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Organic extra virgin olive Oil "prized" harmonious taste with a high content of polyphenols from the characteristic flavor of tomato. In fine dark glass bottle packaging and elegant line to enhance...
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Frantoio Montecchia - Blend Delicato is an extra virgin olive oil obtained only by Leccino olives. The colour is golden green, the fragrance is fruity and elegant. The taste is harmonic, pleasantly...
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It is a monovarietal oil produced from a single variety of olives called Dritta di Loreto. This cultivar is exclusively cultured in Loreto Aprutino, a small Italian country where the farm is...
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Gocce di frantoio - Monocultivar Raggia is a monovarietal oil obtained exclusively from olives of the variety Raggia, an ancient olive variety characteristic of the Marche hinterland.
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