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Extravirgin olive oil BIO.

It is a monovarietal oil produced from a single variety of olives called Dritta di Loreto. This cultivar is exclusively cultured in Loreto Aprutino, a small Italian country where the farm is...
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Monaco - Organic Monocultivar Pendolino is a monovarietal extra virgin olive oil obtained through cold pressing of Pendolino olives, a tipical Italian variety of olives. The oil’s aroma is a fruity...
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Organic extra virgin olive Oil "prized" harmonious taste with a high content of polyphenols from the characteristic flavor of tomato. In fine dark glass bottle packaging and elegant line to enhance...
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Verlassen Sie sich, was die Qualität und den Geschmack eines Olivenöls angeht, aber auch auf Ihre Nase und auf Ihre Zunge. Gewusst wie, lässt sich die Qualität eines guten Öls bei einer...
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