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White wine

Trebbiano 40%, Pecorino 20%, Passerina 20%, Verdicchio 20%. Fine and elegant white wine. Intense, slightly dry, with strong notes of ripe fruit and almond flower.
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This wine comes from an ancient vine of our territory which, if conceived with diligence by moderating its productive exuberance, manages to bring out a refined drinkability and floreality that...
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Offida DOCG Pecorino Montemisio. It features complex aromas with hints of white and yellow fruit, a great aftertaste, a solid body with the right contrast between the heat it generates and the...
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An amazing combination of a floral notes and sinuous perfumes of honey. Triluna is one of the best and most successful blends of white grapes ever: Chardonnay, Sauvignon and aromatic Malvasia,...
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Shaman Pecorino Bianco 100 years is the result of a project created in collaboration with prof. Alberto Palliotti, of the University of viticulture and oenology of Perugia. Scion material was...
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