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  • Acetaia Marchi

    Founded in the suburbs of Modena, our company was set up in the 1900s from the passion of a family for the production of Balsamic Vinegar. This tradition has been passed on from generation to generation, with a special emphasis on the use of the best raw materials and on improving the manufacturing process. ...(More details)
  • Agri Apolloni

    The family is operative in Arcevia, they’re always attentive to the quality and authenticity of products. The Apolloni’s offer a unique excellence in the national food heritage: the “Pasta dell’Astore.” A higher quality product due to the scrupulous care exercised in all steps of the production chain: from the planting to the grinding and the processing of the durum wheat, to the realization of the final product. ...(More details)

  • Alberto Quacquarini

    Love for the land, experience and tradition in cultivating vines have nourished the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the Quaquarini’s family along the years. Alberto Quacquarini is the leading manufacturer of Vernaccia di Serrapetrona Docg that is produced in 35 hectares of vineyards planted with Vernaccia Nera - Black Vernaccia. ...(More details)
  • Aprutinum

    Aprutinum farm is located in Loreto Aprutino, a small town of central Italy (Abruzzo Region). It was founded in 2015 by Antonio Liberatoscioli, who decided to cultivated native olive tree (Dritta e Intosso) with the aim to obtain a nutraceutical olive oil. ...(More details)
  • Azienda Agricola Mercuri Mario

    Mercuri Mario's farming business has been operating in the food industry for several years and has a long-standing reputation for their top-quality products and the thorough attention to packaging. The business activities of this family-owned company are based on an age-old passion for this fine spice, grown in the Sibillini mountains. ...(More details)
  • Azienda Agricola Nonna Maria

    Nonna Maria è un'azienda agricola nata nel 2014 e specializzata nella produzione di confetture, conserve e passate di pomodoro d'eccellenza. ...(More details)
  • Azienda del Carmine

    Da una proprietà di famiglia già da diverse generazioni, è nata negli anni 80 la nuova Azienda del Carmine profondamente rivoluzionata dalle idee di Antonio Roversi. La progettazione dell'oliveto e poi l’installazione del frantoio sono stati i primi passi. I risultati sono stati incoraggianti, l'olio è stato riconosciuto come uno tra i migliori del mondo in numerose occasioni....(More details)

  • Bosco d'Oro

    Bosco d'Oro is a family run company that work in high gastronomy field, mainly in the fascinating world of truffles. Its truffle cultivations are located close to the Sibillini Mountains, a bit far from Ascoli Piceno (Marche Region). ...(More details)
  • Cantina Colle Moro

    The Winery was founded in 1961 in Guastameroli di Frisa by a small group of eager, local vine dressers. Today, after a long and challenging experience, Colle Moro is finally achieving the praise of an ever-growingand demanding public, thanks to the quality of its wine and the passion and tenacity that characterizes its work. ...(More details)

  • Cantina Villamagna

    With the intention of rediscovering the typical aromas and flavors of our land, we use the traditional method of vinification; the long maceration of the skins allows a perfect extraction of color and tannins. ...(More details)
  • Cantine di Castignano

    Founded in 1960, the company was formed to make wine from the grapes provided by the cooperative of farmers whose lands were situated in the region around Castignano. The quality of their product has been remarkable since the business began. Indeed as recently as 1977, the company received a Gold Medal for their Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC during the 5th National Wine Competition "Douja Prix d'Or" of Asti. ...(More details)
  • Caseificio di Cavola 993

    Since 1929, skilled farmers put their passion into making the king of cheeses: The 993 mountain Parmigiano Reggiano ...(More details)
  • Di Mauro

    From the beautiful hills of the Marche, Fuschi family creates with passion a strong bond between the wonderful land and you table with “Pasta Di Mauro”. ...(More details)
  • Due Vittorie

    Due Vittorie is 100% Modenese, and stems from the passion and commitment of Davide Maletti, whose family comes from Modena, who decided to produce a balsamic vinegar that carefully follows the traditions of his homeland. The Company Due Vittorie has its headquarters in Soliera, in the heart of Lambrusco area of Sorbara. This area is well-known the fertility soils and for the production of balsamic vinegar – the famous "Balsamic Vinegar of Modena". ...(More details)

  • Il Frantoio del Piceno

    The Piceno Frantoio is located in Montegranaro (Marche Region), a small town in central Italy. The olive grove has a beautiful location: the sea 10 km away and the Apennines behind. We are artisans, family run, where the same family members are involved in all activities. We take care of more 3000 olive trees but we are working hard to plant and grove another 6000 olive trees that will give us and our customers more opportunities to produce an excellent product in reasonable quantities. ...(More details)
  • Monaco

    MONACO OLIO is located in Abruzzo (Region of central italy), in the territory of Tortoreto. It is was founded in 1970 by dr. Ruggero Monaco, a veterinarian who planted existing part of the olive grove. Later, in the '90s, his son Mauro, together with his wife Simona, took charge of the company and started with the production of organic extra-virgin olive oil. ...(More details)
  • Oleificio Silvestri Rosina

    The Oleificio Silvestri Rosina is located south of Marche in the province of Ascoli Piceno in a lush valley where the oil is always the pride of pleasant culture. ...(More details)
  • Quacquarini - Dolciaria

    Since 1989, the Dolciaria Quacquarini workshop is home to pure artisan sweet and baked creations that combine traditional recipes with unexpected variations in an ongoing quest for new flavours and aesthetic solutions. ...(More details)

  • Rosarubra

    Rosarubra is a biological and biodynamics winery in Pietranico. An oasis of 30 hectares valorized by a territory with a splendid terroir, where the same environment is a nest created by the nature, that protects of it and it protects the biodiversity. ...(More details)
  • Tenute Rio Maggio

    Our history begins with Graziano Santucci, founder of the company in 1976, who dedicated to his vineyards passion and care. Rio Maggio was born from the deep love for the ground and the territory. It rose as a small company with a strong attention to tradition. ...(More details)
  • Torquadra

    From the ancient tradition of Trentino Grappa, comes Torquadra: a company that combines the knowledge and experience of more than 50 years in spirits art, to a name of historical and ancient value. Passion and commitment of the founder, Livio Cavalin,allowed a distillation of a prestigious and remarkable Grappa,which encloses all the flavours of Trentino tradition. ...(More details)
  • Torri Cantine

    The historical Torri cellar, born in 1966 in the beautiful and fertile Teramo hills, flagship of a territory and important chapter of the regional viticulture, writes today a story again, without forgetting the roots that have given rise to its history. Full respect of nature and the fruit that gives life to the wine, innovative ideas and in continuous ferment, the uncompromising excellence of its products are the basis of new labels, full expression of quality and of the peculiarities of our precious terroir. ...(More details)

  • Villa Grisa

    The company Villa Grisa was born in Sambuca di Sicilia where it works about 30ha of vineyards, composed of about 40% Nero d'Avola and the remain of Grillo, Inzolia, Chardonnay, Merlot and Syrah....(More details)

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