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The Apolloni’s family

The family is operative in Arcevia, they’re always attentive to the quality and authenticity of products. The Apolloni’s offer a unique excellence in the national food heritage: the “Pasta dell’Astore.” A higher quality product due to the scrupulous care exercised in all steps of the production chain: from the planting to the grinding and the processing of the durum wheat, to the realization of the final product.

La pasta

The Pasta is a noble food of the Mediterranean diet. It is the identity card of italian history and culture; the old and new rites convivial relive through its production and its consumption, it represents an individual and social dimension full of feelings and connections with the land and the culinary traditions of the italian country.

Determination and perseverance, technical and scientific competences, teamwork allowed to Apolloni’s family to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards for this artisanal product of great value. The steps for Pasta dell’Astore’s success are:

  • Attentive selection of grain and water
  • good hydration
  • no waiting time before processing
  • competent management of all the technological variables in the stages of extrusion
  • low temperature drying

This is not only in compliance with the requirements of the law, but especially in the achievement of high standards of quality and sensory expected to reduce the principal mechanisms of quality degradation during storage (high resistance to cooking and overcooking, hydration homogeneous area, the absence of stickiness).

The careful choice of wheat, semolina, the technology used and the constant attention at all stages of food production make this a unique product.

During the years, the production is limited and sporadic, because of the quantity of the San Carlo grain that is produced in that area.

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