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Qualitonline is our way to share the delicious Italian products with a special focus on the regions Marche and Abruzzo. In those areas you can find small family run businesses that produce very high quality products, limited quantities and tastes that it is very difficult to find elsewhere.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It's the fundamental component of the Mediterranean diet. It strongly contributes to limit the oxidative stress of the body together to make foods more attractive and appealing with its unique flavor.

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Our wines come from region Marche, a wonderful place between Adriatic sea and Appennini. Thanks to the autochthonous grapes like Passerina, Pecorino and Montepulciano, every bottle is a unique experience.

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Aceto Balsamico

Obtained from a selection of the best musts mixed with wine vinegar, they complete their maturity aged in Oak barrels. It presents itself with a dark colour and with an excellent density and quality.

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Creams, Sauces and Pasta

Creams, Sauces, Pasta and Truffles

Our creams, sauces and pasta bring to the table the good mood and the flavours of Italian pasta and vegetables.

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In antiquity, truffles were regarded by the Greeks and Romans as an aphrodisiac, today they are coveted as a gourmet craving. In almost all countries truffles are a popular delicacy.

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Grappa and other Liqueurs

Grappa Barricata, Grappa Amarone, Grappa Gewürtztraminer and other Liqueurs.

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